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When I was 14
i started starving
and the weight flew off fast
teachers asked questions
neighbors made comments
and my mother took
the scale away
and screamed
when she saw
what it said

but i gained the weight back
so i’m better now.

When I was 18
i realized i could vomit
just as easily as i could eat
i stored food wrappers
and cartons
and bottles
under my bed
i puked in bathroom stalls
and i ran the tap water
and i brushed my teeth

and everybody turned the other way
so i’m fine now.

When i was 19
i got into the liquor cabinet
i couldn’t wait one more minute
to escape
i stole from different stashes
and i locked my door early
and i drank until

but i still wake up
so i’m ok for now.

I’m 21
I will take whatever you can give me
I will coast
on whatever high
will get me by
i will smoke and snort and drink
you hand me
if it means

just for tonight,

i’m alright


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My sexuality is crocs

frying tofu is legit my favourite pass time

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Oswaldo Guayasamin. Quito, Ecuador. Wall of Poverty.


hey hey hey this is Lucy and she’s one hella cutie pie!!! she’s a metal head, fitness juggernaut and she kinda, sorta inspires me to be healthy and all that….. anyway follow her because she is cute as a button, so sweet and has an awesome blog, show this delectable creature some love ((((:
Fkn moed the lawn, looked good while doing it 110% done with yr shit
Anonymous: ugh booty so good

fank u :*

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Ben Giles

The quick sweat that builds on the back of your neck when the coffee falls out of your ass quicker than meant too…

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